Ohope Dining Table 180cm


For the coastally inclined 

Does the beach call your name all year round? Then brighten up your space by bringing that beachy vibe inside to enjoy even on the coldest of winter days.  The Ohope is our premier coastal collection that features sandblasted, whitewashed mindi timber.

Mindi Wood (also known as White Cedar) grows with straight trunks and few knots on them which helps with making furniture pieces look smooth and elegant while still being sturdy enough to last through years of wear-and-tear in your home. Resistant to decay and fungus, Mindi is a superb choice for the longevity of your furniture.

We try our best to ensure photography depicts colours as accurately as possible. Colours can appear different depending on the type of display you are viewing from, therefore we recommend viewing in person for true colour representation.

L180 W100 H76CM

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