Make sure you’re nice and warm while outdoors this winter next to one of our Kadai Fire Pits.

This Kadai set includes: 1 x 80cm Iron Kadai Bowl, 1 x Cooking Grill, 1 x Low Stand

Manufactured from recycled iron these Kadai’s are light-weight and have a consistent thickness and finish. We stock a number of accessories which can be purchased in addition to this set.

The Kadai design originates from Northern India, where they were used as large cooking pots at festivals and weddings, as well as for general day-to-day cooking. The tried and tested design has not changed for centuries with riveted plates formed into a bowl shape and fitted with strong carry handles.

When a Kadai is used as an open fire, we recommend using very dry wood. The dryer the wood, the less smoke the fire will produce. If you are using the Kadai to cook food over, we suggest charcoal, but once the wood has burnt down to embers that works well too. To maximise cooking time, use charcoal briquettes.


  1. Place the Kadai on a hard, level, non-combustible surface.
  2. Cover the bottom of the Kadai evenly with approximately 5cm of builder’s sand; do not use beach sand as this contains salt. Using sand has several benefits e.g. heat will be retained for longer, it raises the level of the charcoal, wood burns better on sand than it does directly on metal.
  3. Make a pyramid using old newspaper and kindling, then light. When the kindling starts to burn, add larger pieces of wood. Gradually add wood and stop when you have reached the desired fire size.


  • The steel will age and surface rust over time, this is not a defect but adds a patina to the fire bowl. The waxy finish can be maintained if sprayed with a product like Penetrol which is available from a hardware store.
  • Store the Kadai in undercover if it is not going to be used for a long period of time.
  • Covers are available for purchase separately.

Important safety information is included with each Kadai and also available on request.

Crafted by hand, using reclaimed and refurbished iron to produce a truly ‘industrial’ piece, our metal/iron products may have minor irregularities. These surface irregularities do not impact the structural integrity of our products, and are not considered defects, but are the natural result of working with reclaimed and refurbished materials which adds to the uniqueness and character of each piece.

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